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Main Lab

CHTP Lab space arrangement and instrumentation

The CHTP lab space has been arranged to be user intuitive.

Zone 1 - The first zone (designated the wet work bench) is equipped with fume hoods and extractor arms for the safe preparation of reagents (balances, stirrer/heater, pH meter, water system with dispenser, ice machine) and samples (fixation for EM or sample preparation for MALDI). Storage of samples available at 4°C and -20°C.

Zone 2 - The second zone is used for processing the samples for imaging purposes that do not require the protection of fume hoods or fume extractors e.g. loading wet samples and mounting EM samples.

Zone 3 - The third zone is the lab dry zone where processed samples can be maintained in a dry state at room temperature (desiccators) and 37°C and 65°C (oven storage).

List of instrumentation

Zone 1

  1. MilliQ System Integral 3 (30 L tank)
    • Type I – reagent grade
    • Type II – analytical grade
    Qpod water dispenser
  2. Scotsman Touch Free Ice Maker
  3. Mettler Toledo New Classic MF 6200 g - 0.1 g Balance
  4. Mettler Toledo New Classic MF 120 g - 0.1 mg Balance
  5. Nederman Fume Extraction Arms
  6. Fisher Accumet Basic pH Meter
  7. Corning Magnetic Stirrer
  8. Corning PC-6200 Magnetic Stirrer/Heat

Zone 2

  1. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5418
  2. Branson Ultrasonicator

Zone 3

  1. Fisher Scientific Isotemp 500 Series Gravity Convection Ovens
  2. Dessicators
  3. Vacuum Pump
Chemical prep bench Lab_panorama Microfuge QPod Sonicator



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