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MALDI Mass Spectrometer

MALDI Mass Spectrometer
MALDI Mass Spectrometer

The Thermo Scientific MALDI-Orbitrap is the facility’s only Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS) instrument. Based on a mass spectrometer that provides high mass resolution over a wide mass range (Orbitrap), this instrument can detect diverse types of molecules and determine their relative abundance and distribution in tissue sections. Typically, this instrument is used to map peptides/proteins, hormones, lipids, metabolites, as well as drugs and drug metabolites.

MALDI Coater
MALDI Coater

During sample preparation, a small organic compound (matrix) is added to the tissue sections prior to analysis. Once placed into the instrument, the matrix will absorb the energy generated from a strong ultraviolet laser and use it to convert the molecules present in the sample into ions (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization, or MALDI). These ions are detected in the mass spectrometer, generating information on all species present in the tissue. This information is then recorded in a mass spectrum. Acquiring a series of mass spectra across the entire tissue section in a grid-like fashion provides a two-dimensional distribution pattern for each species of interest. For each species, this pattern can then be converted into an image. As a result, tissue distribution maps of a large number of species can be obtained in a single experiment.

The instrument can achieve spatial resolutions of 30-50 µm, and requires several hours of analysis time per tissue section. Different matrices can be chosen to optimize the yield of specific types of compounds, and individual species can be further analyzed to gain insight into their chemical structure. We also offer Accurate Mass Measurement (up to m/z 4000) in MS and MS/MS Mode.


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