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Micro-CT In Vivo Scanner

TriFoil eXplore CT 120
TriFoil eXplore CT 120

TriFoil eXplore CT 120

The eXplore CT 120 is a high-throughput micro-computed tomography scanner for in vivo imaging of small animals in a variety of applications. From the images, quantitative measurements of anatomy can be obtained for bone, body composition, tumours, vessels, and organs. Standard features of the scanner include:

  • High energy (70-120 kVp)
  • High throughput (1-15 minutes per scan)
  • High resolution (25-100 µm)
  • Large field of view (85 mm in diameter, 55 mm to 275 mm in length)
  • Prospective gating (up to 600 bpm) for up to 12 phases per scan
  • Low dose in vivo imaging for rodents (mice, rats)

A major advantage of this scanner is the ability to deliver a constant flow of anesthesia, as well as the ability to monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature during a scan. Furthermore, prospective gating can be performed to synchronize image acquisition with the respiratory cycle, or cardiac cycle, up to 600 beats per minute.

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More Information

For more information on how to get started, approved standard operation protocols available for use, and gated imaging, please send an e-mail.

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