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Micro-CT Specimen Scanner

Scanco Medical µCT100

Scanco Medical µCT100

The µCT100 allows for non-invasive high-resolution 3D imaging of specimens up to 100 mm in diameter and 160 mm in length. This scanner comes equipped with a range of filtration and energy options, as well as the capability to scan with an isotropic voxel size (i.e. nominal resolution) of 5 µm - 200 µm. A unique feature of this scanner is the ability to load multiple sample holders for automated sequential scanning, with individual parameters assigned to different specimens if desired (e.g. filtration, energy, resolution, etc.). Projections obtained during scan acquisition are reconstructed into slices with a thickness equal to the voxel size, and can be easily converted into TIF (8-bit) or DCM (16-bit) format for subsequent analysis.

For more specific information regarding available resolutions for various object sizes, guidelines for expected scan time, as well as other key parameters, please refer to the following document(s):

101_2178 101_2179


For more information about the capabilities and use of this machine, please send an e-mail.

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