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Zeiss AxioVision Imaging and PALM Laser Capture Microdissection System

Zeiss PALM Laser Capture
Zeiss PALM Laser Capture

The PALM MicroBeam from Carl Zeiss was designed for laser-guided precise microdissection for molecular analysis (DNA, RNA, or protein) of cells of interest. This system highly improves sampling of cell-specific tissue and is capable of sampling individual living cells or small groups of cells to be used for direct molecular analysis or re-cultivation.

This system is also equipped with a Zeiss Axio observer inverted microscope with bright-field and fluorescent imaging ability.


Filter Cubes:

  • Fs49 UV (BP G365, FT 395, BP 445/50)
  • Fs38 Green (BP 470/40, FT 495, BP 525/50)
  • Fs43 Red (BP 545/25, FT 570, BP 605/70)

More Information

For more information about the capabilities and use of this machine, please send an e-mail.

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